Thanks for stopping by. We are honored you came by to visit.  Come back often because we do update when we have changes. This website helps us to reach people we may never have come in contact with before.

Please use this website to access the information you need to know more about the New Jerusalem Singers and where they will be singing.

Our goal is to let Jesus touch as many lives as possible.  It is nothing we do but it is Him working through us to accomplish so much for the Kingdom.

The New Jerusalem Singers were started in 1989.  We have sang in many areas through the years. We were out singing and ministering to many folks, but then God led us to be a Pastor.  In 1996 we went off the road, singing on a regular basis, in order to pastor a church in Auburn, Browning and Jacksonville Illinois. We then were released by God in 2003 and went back into a relational Christianity ministry.   We did not go right back into singing because of medical reasons so we took the next couple of years off to get back on our feet physically. In 2005, things were looking better physically so we decided that it was time to start singing again.

We have a new desire and new zeal for Jesus!  We are excited about what God is doing. In Feb. 08 we were asked to fill-in for a church in Atterberry, IL and then in June we were voted in as Pastor.  

In June 2013 Ray announced his retirement from Pastoral Ministries so we are back to singing on a regular basis since August 2013. We have been filling in at Atterberry since October 2015 and will know soon if we are back pastoring the church once again, Stay tuned. 

The other singers and musicians who were with us have left for their own or other ministries.  We had been a duet but in July 2008 we added a guitar player but now he is staying at the church we pastored to play there. In October 2009 we added Bob Moore to our group who plays lead guitar.
Our music has put us in a new area and with new adventures.  It is just like starting over again. We have lost contact with some places we use to sing at but we have also gained new friends along the way.  If you like good old country gospel music call us to come and sing for you.  We love singing at the large events as well as the small churches.  Sometimes the small churches get left out but we are willing to come and worship with you.  

We are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us. Only He knows what is best for the future.As the song says, "Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow and I know who holds my hand.
We now are hosting and co-hosting Gospel Sings - what we like to call - "Gospel Music Gatherings". The gospel sing brings in a few to several groups, runs for 2 hours up to 4 hours (or longer if you want). We bring in several talented singers and give the community an opportunity to hear about Jesus and also see the talent that is in the area.  We like to have local talent represented also (but usually hear a group before we book them).  If you would like to have one of these in your hometown or in your church just call us and we can give you the details.  We are looking for new adventures each year and would love to host 6 sings (from May - October). 

Rodney Griffin, a great songwriter who sings with Greater Vision, wrote the song, "Just One More Soul". This is so true.  This is what we need to look at and remember. If just one more soul comes to know the Lord because of the message we sing about, preach about or even live - it is worth every struggle or mile.  We can sing and minister but if no one comes to know the Lord - it is all in vain.  We can plant the seed, but someone needs to water it or it will die. We need to let the whole world know that Jesus is alive and well. Remember, It is all about Jesus!

If you are interested in having the New Jerusalem Singers come to your location to sing - all you have to do is contact us.